PolyGlass –polymer-on-glass microprism technology



The PolyGlass project is focused on research and development of a novel polymer-on-glass microprism technology for concentrated photovoltaic (CPV) installations. PolyGlass will build a complete CPV module based on polymer-on-glass Fresnel optics coupled with new emerging Nanowire multi-junction PV cell, with an envelope made from recycled re-enforced polymer. The project partners have an ambition of having made a production line prototype to make the new, high efficiency, and cost efficient solar concentrators by the end of the project.

Advances in the polymer-on-glass microprism technology, application of innovative materials, set up of production method for lenses with micro structured surface and extreme high precision of details in large format will be accomplished by focusing the research and development on three main activities:


1.    Polymer development that will have a high refractive index, high optical transmission ratio, will have a prolonged life time of its high performance, and will be appropriate for polymer-on-glass appliance  

2.    Tools development for optimal handling of materials and production of a complete unit robust enough for large scale production

3.    Process design and product development to ensure the feasibility of the new technology for large scale production and to embed a safe, green and economic production method


Usage of innovative solar concentration modules on photovoltaic cells will have a significant increase in direct power generation in combination with the new multi-junction cells. It will be highly beneficial for the concentrated photovoltaic market to have access to concentrator optics in large format in order to move from development stage to a large scale deployment, and thus bring EU closer to the realization of its 20/20/20 goals, and to meet the goals set in the SET Plan with a significant reduction of the production costs to the electricity grid.































Project supported by European Commission (EC) 


Project Coordinator - DKI Plast A/S, Denmark

Milda Lapkaite


Project Officer

Kostantinos Amolochitis



2 years


Cost (Grand Agreement #262484)

Total project cost: 1,2 M EUR

EC contribution: 0,9 M EUR